Windows increase the attractiveness of your house as well as the value. It can also improve your home’s energy efficiency if it is functioning well. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat loss from inefficient windows can account for 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heating bills. In simple terms, efficient windows provide a lesser financial burden in terms of bills.

Your house may not be able to talk to you, but it gives you signs when something’s not right. If your windows are more than a few decades old, listen carefully to what they’re telling you, so you’ll know when they need to be replaced. Here’s what to be on the lookout for.

a. Creaking and the Noises

Creaking noises may be so unbearable. If windows creak, it means that your windows are not functioning well, or they were very poorly made. With the changing and advancing world, you should grow as well.

Double or triple panel glass windows insulated with Crypton or Argon gas are the perfect choice for muting the outdoor noises. A new window means no creaking noise also.

b. When Windows Bring Drafts.

The windows have outdated when they bring the drafts even when they are closed down. There could be many other reasons, such as faulty installation, poor seals and more. This can cause your HVAC system not to work properly. So, you should seek a window replacement as soon as possible.

c. If the frame of the windows is chipped or water damaged.

Your windows bear a lot of things to keep you safe from the noise, water, and air gushes. Over time, they grow older and weaker due to withering. So, you should examine the material of the windows now and then. If the frame of the windows is chipped or water damaged, you need the window replacement.

d. Opening, Sliding or Closing Becomes Difficult

You require the window replacement when the opening, sliding or closing of the window becomes more difficult – typically you have to push, pull and drag the window. Normally, those windows tend to undergo these issues which are installed improperly. However, rusting and rotting windows can also be difficult to use.

Let us say that if at any given time, you are unable to close your window, your house’s overall security can be compromised.

e. Condensation on the Glass Window

When the condensation has built up between the glass layers and cracked window glass, it would mean that the seals of the windows have broken up, allowing the moisture in the window. The condensed windows make things invisible to you.

This is high time you should seek window replacements in your property.


In the world where the home improvement projects cost thousands of dollars, is it worth it to replace windows? Yes. In addition to aesthetic reasons, functionality and overall quality of life are improved. If you think you need to replace your window, contact a trusted contractor to help you with it. You can call Pro4mance Roofing offering many types of windows including Double Hung, Casement, Picture, Sliding, Awning, Garden, and Bay windows. Get a speedy free quote by calling (502) 759-7251.