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Residential Roofing Experts in Lyndon, KY

Your roof is the crown of your house. You and your family rely on it to provide comfort and ensure protection from outside temperatures and forces.

At Pro4mance Roofing & Exteriors, we take the purpose of your roof seriously and want to protect it the best way we can. Our roofing contractors in Lyndon, KY are familiar with all roof types and materials and can expertly repair or replace one to avoid expensive damage to your home. From simple repairs and damage assessment to thorough inspections and complex installations, you can count on us to tackle any job.

As a homeowner, you may have various reasons for repairing or replacing your roof: it is too old and past its warranty, the latest storms have caused damage to some of the shingles, or it is constantly subjected to high winds. No matter the problem, when your roof needs fixing, our roofing company in Lyndon, KY will be there for you.

You can count on us for:
● Regular maintenance or inspection
● Repairing of storm damage or leaks
● Upgrading your current roof with more high-quality materials
● Window replacement
● Siding repair
● Gutters and downspouts repair
● Decking repair

We cooperate only with leading manufacturers and brands, including DECRA, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and Johns Manville, to ensure customer satisfaction and quality work.

What to Expect From Our Roofing Contractor in Lyndon, KY

When you reach out to our roofing company in Lyndon, KY, we will walk you through the process, ensuring you know all options, solutions, and what to expect at every step.

First, our contractor will set up a consultation to discuss possible roof ideas. Once we agree on project details, timelines, and estimates, we will get to work. You and your family can sit back and relax, knowing your roof is in the hands of professionals with more than 25 years of industry experience.

Each contractor in our team is licensed, certified, and dedicated to transparency, honesty, and quality services. We offer comprehensive residential roofing services to make sure your home is protected at all times.

The Process
Step 1: Preparation – Our team will arrive at your home to take measures and ensure the site is safe for your property and landscape. We will send over materials so you can choose the best option.

You can select from:
● Asphalt shingles
● Wood shakes
● Tiles
● Metal
● Single-ply plastic roofing

Step 2: Repair/Restoration – If your roof is relatively new but missing a few shingles or damaged on the edges, we can suggest a repair. If most of your tiles are broken or damaged, a full restoration might be a better option.

The repair services include:
● Shingle repair
● Roof leak repair
● Gutter repair
● Storm damage repair

Step 3: Inspection and Clean Up – Before we pack our equipment and leave your property, Pro4mance Roofing & Exteriors team will go over the roof and ensure everything is in order. We also take care of any extra materials, debris, and dirt and remove them from your property.

If you don’t know which option best fits your budget, if you are unsure whether to repair or replace, our roofers in Lyndon, KY can help you decide. We will provide you with all the details you need to make a well-informed decision. You can trust us to guide you through every stage of the process.

Early Signs You Need Roof Repair in Lyndon, KY

Waiting to get a roof repair or replacement in Lyndon, Kentucky can lead to other problems that can be both expensive and time-consuming to deal with. Although no one wants to hear that their roof needs work, being familiar with the early signs that suggest your roof is having some problems can ensure you save money in the long run. Look out for:

● Broken or damaged shingles
● Clogged gutters
● Wet spots and algae growth
● Sagging roof deck
● Signs of moisture

Taking care of the issues as soon as you notice them can cut down the expense and time it will take to repair your roof. Our residential roofers in Lyndon, KY can access any damage and restore any problem if you catch the issue in time. Even if your roof needs complete restoration, we will find the perfect solution that caters to your needs and budget.

If you are looking for the best roofing company in Lyndon, KY, and you are ready to take the next step, get in touch with Pro4mance Roofing & Exteriors today to receive your free, custom estimate. Reach out to us at (502) 759-7251 to set up your appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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