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Our expert roofing contractors at Pro4mance Roofing & Exteriors are ready to help you with your residential roofing issues. We offer a wide range of services, and we are happy to explain the repairs or replacements that are best for your home. We never want you to climb on your roof and handle the repair yourself when we are here to help.

You are welcome to contact us to ask questions or schedule an appointment. Our expert roofing contractors in Clarksville, IN, are happy to speak with you about your concerns before they come to your home for an inspection.

You can get a free estimate from our local roofing company in Clarksville, IN.

Routine Roofing Services for Your Home

We recommend routine roofing services for your home so that the roof remains in good condition. Even if you notice only minor issues around the house, the roof will deteriorate further if you don’t address the problem. A few things you might see around your home to indicate roofing issues include:

● Missing or misaligned shingles
● Shingle debris on the ground or in the downspouts
● Roof leaks
● Attic leaks
● Interior wall leaks
● Divots on the roof

When we come to your home, our roofing company will complete a full roof inspection. We may also need to go into the house and check the attic to see the location of any leaks or other damage that you have suffered.

We offer reliable customer service after our inspection by showing you what we found. We will recommend the services you need, and you can review our free estimate for as long as you’d like before we begin the work.

We do our best to complete all our work efficiently, and we will give you updates if you would like to know the progress of the job. Let us know if you discover any other issues, and we will solve them before we complete the project.

Roof Repairs

We offer high-quality roof repairs, and our licensed and insured roofing contractors in Clarksville, IN, ensure that your asphalt shingles look just as they did before the damage occurred. We have roofing materials on our trucks, or we can place an order for new parts or supplies if necessary.

Common repairs we perform include:

● Shingles
● Leaks
● Gutters
● Storm damage

We are licensed, insured, and certified to do our work, and we know how to scale the roof, inspect it thoroughly, and find where the damage occurred. Plus, we can identify other potential problems on your roof that may otherwise go unnoticed, such as the flashing, ridge vent, chimney, and hip caps.

Our roofing contractors in Clarksville, IN, will explain which repairs you need and why it’s best to complete them quickly. These basic repairs should bring your roof back to working order, but if the repairs are too extensive, we might recommend a complete roof replacement.

Roof Replacements

A roof replacement is one of the best home improvement projects you can do for your home. Most homeowners see a massive return on investment for these projects, upwards of 70%. In Clarksville, IN, and the surrounding areas, we make sure that you get the roof replacement that best matches your home.

With roofing systems from CertainTeed, Verisco, Owens Corning, DECRA, and Johns Manville, you get a warranty and the assurance that you are getting the best products in the industry. We can install shingles, metal roofing, tiles, or other options that will look great with the color and style of your home.

Our estimates are free, and we are happy to adjust them until you get the price and design you want. Plus, we will complete the job as fast as possible without compromising on quality. You shouldn’t need to vacate the home during the replacement, and we can complete our work during the day while the family is away.

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With over 25 years of experience in the roofing field, we know how to make your roof look perfect no matter the scope. Our roofing company in Clarksville, IN, will help you get the best value out of the project and show you how to keep your roof in good condition in the future.

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